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  A Vet for Life
A Vet for Life

James McMillan

List Price: $14.95
BBP Price: $10.99
  Breaking the Bonds of Dependence
Breaking the Bonds of Dependence

Dr. Oswald Thomas

List Price: $14.95

BBP Price: $10.99
  The Life of a Vietnam Veteran: I am a Vietnam Vet for Life - proud of my service to my nation. Despite my devotion to my country, I was abandoned, alone to fight the demons that I inherited from the atrocities of war. It did not only destroy me, but also the lives of many others including my children.
I am not alone in this struggle; this is the fate of countless men and women who depend on the Veteran Administration for treatment and care.
Did I mention that the VA is a disgrace, an agency that cares not for the VETS, but for the doctors and political cronies that run the establishment?
  The task of a Helping Professional may never be an easy one. Perhaps more important than schooling or counseling techniques, is the Counselor's competence to provide support to the public.
Counselors working in community based organizations, often find themselves in dilemmas which go against their teaching and common practice - this may make the counselors oblivious to the negative effects of certain organizational practices on those who seek their services.

  ISBN: 1-59232-074-0
Format: Paperback, 120pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-59232-061-9
Format: Paperback, 83pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  Absolutely the Last Resort
Absolutely the Last Resort

Rose Anna Schoene

List Price: $14.95

BBP Price: $10.99
  The Wedding Feast
The Wedding Feast

Jean Marie De La Trinite

List Price: $12.95

BBP Price: $10.99
  Up in the Catskills, high in the mountains, the lush green terrain is dotted with family owned and operated Inns and Resorts... Read about Gina, the precocious young widow and her brother...their love for their community and the seemingly peaceful place where Angie the eager to please sister and other characters mingle to produce a tale full of treachery, incest and crime.


The theme of the work is the mystical marriage of the soul and God or of the super-conscious union of the human and the Divine. In the course of the development of this lofty theme, all of the elements of the soul's ascent to God and of God's condescension to the soul in Mercy are revealed and laid bare in the soaring, exalted, fiery and bejeweled language of mystical poetry. Therefore, quite simply, this book consists of the soul's outpouring of the revelations of Divine Love.

  ISBN: 1-59232-060-0
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-88577-8279
Format: Paperback, 200pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  The Tao of Wow
The Tao of Wow
Ancient Wisdom. Modern Success.
Walt F. J. Goodridge

List Price: $14.95
Pedro Lastra, translated by Rigas Kappatos
Language: Spanish
List Price: $14.95
BBP Price: $10.99
  The Tao of Wow is a compendium of truths which, when applied and practiced with the appropriate discipline, is believed to result in extraordinary success in any endeavor from business to politics to romance. The Tao of Wow has existed in a cloak of secrecy since its first documented appearance in 3300 B.C. Although never available in complete form, various components of the Tao of Wow have been known by a variety of names throughout history. During the middle ages it was known as Conquest and Coercion.
  Los poemas de Pedro Lastra son transparentes en su significado y su precisa construcción consta a veces de los pocos versos que el poeta ha sentido como necesarios. Es una poesía trabajada al máximo de su condensación, que comunica algo sensible y lleno de emoción humana. Así, si una de las características de la poesía es la economía verbal que permite la mayor concentración, Pedro Lastra puede considerarse uno de los exponents más representativos de esta modalidad. Por eso, quizás, una antología con poemas suyos debería incluir todos sus poemas, pues han sido antologados por él mismo del modo más riguroso durante los años.
  ISBN: 1-88577-8996
Format: Paperback, 160pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-59232-073-2
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  The Struggle and The Conquest - Sir Novelle H. Richards
The Struggle and The Conquest

Sir Novelle H. Richards

List Price: $24.95

BBP Price: $17.55
  One, One Cocoa - J. Johnson & E. Pitter
One, One Cocoa
509 Popular Caribbean Sayings
J. Johnson & E. Pitter

List Price: $6.99
BBP Price: $4.99
  In The Struggle and the Conquest, Sir Novelle explores the paradigms of the Trade Union Movement within the twin island territory of Antigua and Barbuda and the Leeward Islands; the islands' struggle for autonomy from colonial plutocracy and Great Britain, the establishment of fair labour practices and the development of the Islands' economy and infrastructure.
  A Seaburn Wisdom Series!
The proverbs in this book contain the collective folk wisdom of the Caribbean people in general. The proverbs seem to be coming directly from the days of slavery and in most cases show just how much human suffering our ancestors had to endure. These words of wisdom will bring you nearer to the Caribbean and its people.
  ISBN: 1-59232-067-8
Format: Paperback, 340pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-885778-24-4
Format: Paperback, 64pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
The Willie Lynch Letter and The Destruction of Black Unity
The Slave Chronicles

List Price: $6.95
BBP Price: $4.95
Management Technology Transfer to Developing Countries

Onyemaechi C. Okpara
List Price: $12.50
BBP Special: $6.95
  Never in the history of man has there been such cruelty against a group of people. This letter is one of the reasons the Negro cannot get ahead in America. When the core of your being is disrupted, your existence is of no significance... 

  "... This book is highly recommended to police makers and other management practitioners..."
- H.E. Professor Ibrahim A.Gambari, Ambassador of Nigeria to The United Nations
  ISBN: 1592323006
Format: Paperback, 24pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-885778-04-x
Format: Paperback, 162pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
Metamorphosis A-Z

Eura de Freitas

List Price: $8.50


BBP Price: $5.75
  Considering Venus
Considering Venus

D. Gisele Isaac

Price: $14.95

BBP Price: $9.95
  A Magnificient story for children of all ages... Will make you proud of who you are..

- Dr. Sam Chekwas

  First-time Antiguan novelist D. Gisele Isaac explores the almost-unacknowledged issue of lesbianism among Caribbean women and adds to it the complication of a heterosexual perspective. Considering Venus asks, "What happens when girlfriends become more than friends?"
Two forty-something women meet again 25 years after high school: Lesley, an African-American, is straight, recently widowed with three children, and looking for a friend, while Cass is Antiguan, gay and looking for love.
  ISBN: 1-885778-15-5
Format: Paperback, 48pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  ISBN: 1-885778-42-2
Format: Paperback, 160pp
Publisher: Seaburn Publishing Group
  Nostradamus Predictions for the Millenium Prophesies and RevelationsNostradamus  

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