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Young Adult:

Teens Can Make It Happen
Stedman Graham
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Rumble Fish 
S.E. Hinton

  • ISBN 0440975344

  • Laurel-Leaf Books

  • Young Adult

  • "Rusty-James knows he is a tough teen, but he wants to be even tougher, just like his older brother the Motorcycle Boy.  He wants to stay calm and laugh when things get dangerous, to be the strongest street fighter and the most respected guy this side of the river.  Rusty-James isn't book-smart - he relies on his fists instead of his brains.  So far whenever he gets into trouble the Motorcycle Boy has bailed him out.  But one day Rusty-James's world comes apart in an explosive chain of events.  And this time the Motorcycle Boy isn't around to pick up the pieces."



Journey to Jo'Burg:  A South African Story

Beverly Naidoo




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Mma lives and works in Johannesburg, far from the village thirteen-year-old Naledi and her younger brother, Tiro, call home.  When their baby sister suddenly becomes very sick, Naledi and Tiro know, deep down, that only one person can save her.  Bravely, alone, they set off on a journey to find Mma and bring her back.  It isn't until they reach the city that they come to understand the dangers of their country, and the painful struggle for freedom and dignity that is taking place all around them."

Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid

Walter Dean Myers




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Yearling Books


Children's Literature

"T.J., his younger brother, Moondance, and Mop - Miss Oivia Parrish - grew up together in the same orphanage.  Now T.J. and Moondance have been adopted, and Mop has to find a family before the orphanage closes and "leftover" kids are sent away.  Mop hopes that if she can play catcher on the Elks, the coach might adopt her.  T.J.'s problem with the Elks is that little Moondance is a better ball player than he is. 

What will T.J.'s adopted father think - he can't hit, throw, or catch a ball?  Will T.J. and Mop's greatest wishes come true?  It's going to be a lot of teamwork!"

Snow Treasure

Marie McSwigan




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Apple Paperbacks

Children's Books

"Now every sled ride was a matter of life and death.  Peter Lundstrom never thought he would become a hero.  But that bleak winter of 1940 was like no other.  Nazi troops parachuted into Peter's tiny village and held it captive.  Nobody thought they could be defeated - until Uncle Victor told Peter how the children of the village could fool the enemy.

Bridge to Terabithia

Katherine Paterson


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  • 0064401847

  • Harper Trophy

  • Children's

"Jess Aarons' greatest ambition is to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade.  He's been practicing all summer and can't wait to see his classmates' faces when he beats them all.  But on the first day of school, a new kid, a new girl, boldly crosses over to the boys' side of the playground and outruns everyone.

That's not a very promising beginning for a friendship, but Jess and Leslie Burke become inseparable.  It doesn't matter to Jess that Leslie dresses funny, or that her family has a lot of money - but no TV.  Leslie has imagination.  Together, she and Jess create Terabithia, a magical kingdom in the woods where the two of them reign as king and queen, and their imaginations set the only limits.  Then one morning, a terrible tragedy occurs.  Only when Jess is able to come to grips with this tragedy does he finally understand the strength and courage Leslie has given him."

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