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Vernon Can Read!: A Memoir

by Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. with Annette Gordon-Reed

As a student, Vernon Jordan had a summer job driving a white banker around Atlanta. During the man's afternoon nap's, he passed the time reading books, astounding his boss, who exclaimed, "Vernon can read!," to his relatives. Nearly fifty years later, Jordan, a longtime civil rights leader, adviser and close friend to presidents and business leaders and one of the most charismatic figures in America, has written an unforgettable book about his life and times. It is a story that encompasses the sweeping struggles, changes and dangers of black life during the civil rights revolution.

Vernon Jordan's life is an American success story that is emblematic of the extraordinary journey of black Americans since World War II. It is also a moving testament to the family whose support and courage provided the framework for his achievements. Vernon Can Read! chronicles a life of courage, pride, sacrifice, style and accomplishment.

Biography /  0-465-03697-X / $16.00

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