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Sports: Karate Books

Karate-Do: My Way of Live
Gichin Funakoshi
Kodansha International Ltd., ISBN: 0-87011-463-8, Copyright 1981.
Martial Arts Teaching Tales of Power and Paradox: Freeing the Mind, Focusing Chi, and Mastering the Self
Pascal Fauliot
Inner Traditions International Ltd., ISBN: 0-89281-882-4, Copyright 2000.
Budo Secrets: Teachings of the Martial Arts Masters
John Stevens
Shambhala Publications, ISBN: 1-57062-446-1, July 2001.
  Bunkai: The Secrets of Karate Kata Volume 1: The Tekki Series, by Elmar T. Schmeisser, Damashi Publications, ISBN: 0-91192-136-2, July 2000.
  The Martial Arts Origins, Philosophy, Practice
Peter Lewis
Prion Books Ltd, ISBN: 1-85375-206-1, March 1996.
  The Way of the Warrior
Howard Reid & Michael Croucher
Leopard Books, ISBN: 0-75290-134-6, Jun 1995.
  The Fighting Arts: Great Masters of the Martial Arts
Howard Reid
Simon and Schuster, ISBN: 0-67147-273-9, Copyright 1983.
  Martial Arts: A Complete Illustrated History
Michael Finn
Overlook Press, ISBN: 0-87951-335-7, Copyright 1989.
  The Story of Karate From Buddhism to Bruce Lee
Luana Metil and Jace Townsend
Lerner Publications Company, ISBN: 0-82253-326-1, Copyright 1995.

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