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My Soul Says Yes
Melissa Green
ISBN 0759606013
1st Books / 2001

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About The Book:
Morning star inter-connects with transatlantic angels traveling with a host of prayers, lullabies, stories, poetics, prophecies, and down-home folk tales to enlighten or heal the soul.

My Soul Says Yes is poetry at it's best!!!

A creative dialogue on humor, spirituality, revolution, love, tragedy, and mystery, this exciting debut book is a wonderful collection of themes. It pays tribute to people who have made indelible footprints on the human heart and mind.

Are you in search for a good word to help heal emotional wounds? You may need something to help you sing, dance, and laugh in the middle of the room, or you may want to read some good literature, then I do believe My Soul Says Yes is what you need.

Melissa Noelle Green :
Melissa Noelle Green is a spiritually blessed writer, poet, and performance artist who resides in Seattle, Washington.

She began writing seriously at the age of twelve and started doing spoken word performances while in college.

Her life has been quite a dichotomy having been born in Seattle and raised in South Central Los Angeles. Amidst the excitement, uproar, riots, violence, and distracting California sun and fun, she managed to stay in her room and write stories. These stories kept her away form the suction of negativity and the challenges of being an adolescent.

Melissa Noelle Green has performed in every literary festival in Seattle and performed in various cafes, theatres, and festivals all over the West Coast.

Melissa's debut novel titled, Chocolate Water will be out in the year of 2002.

Celebrate! A.ppreciate! R.ejoice! E.njoy!

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