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The Illuminati 666

William Josiah Sutton
$14.95 / Paperback


Is there such thing as the Illuminati?  Does this fit into our sophisticated age?  Some ridicule the very idea, but in this book a fascinating portrayal is uncovered. Are words like Illuminism or The Illuminati new to your?  That is not by accident, for today these words are unknown to millions, even among many well-educated people.  While every Sunday School teacher knows something about the Tower of Babel, yet few realize that the principles and philosophies of that ancient movement are right now playing a tremendous role in both our political and religious life. "The great strength of our order lies in its concealment," declared Adam Weishaupt, founder of the new order in 1776.  "Let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name and another occupation."  This worldwide cover-up and conspiracy has been so cleverly conducted through the centuries, even millennia, going back to the time of Nimrod, that evil genius who began that ancient apostasy in Mesopotamia.  


Conspiracies / Politics / Astrology & New Age / Health /  Masonry

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