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Got a Man
Daaimah S. Poole
$15.00 / Trade Paperback

Twenty-four year old single mom Shonda Robinson may not be the wisest woman around - and she's definitely not the most discreet - but she knows a good thing when she's got it. That good thing is her love for Malik Moore, and she intends to keep it - at all costs. But she's not alone. In addition to having a good job, and knowing just how to show Shonda a good time, Malik also has a pregnant fiancée. He may be in love with his baby-on-the-way, but Shonda is sure he doesn't feel the same about his bride-to-be. She can see the unhappy writing on the wall because she knows only too well what a troubled relationship is like. And with a wedding in the works, Shonda is seriously considering causing some trouble of her own.

  • 0-7582-0240-7
  • Dafina Books

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