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Brazil: Body and Soul

Edited by Edward J. Sullivan
With the participation of Nelson Aguilar, Emanoel Araujo,
Germano Celant, Mari Marino, and Robert Stam

A Guggenheim Museum Publication

Approximately 350 illustrations,
500 pages, 10 x 12"
ISBN 0-8109-6933-5 EAN 978081096933-9
US$85.00 CAN$120.00

This magnificent volume - and the exhibition it accompanies at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - is a soaring tribute to the harmonious nature of Brazilian art and culture. Juxtaposing Baroque masterpieces from the 17th and 18th centuries with essential works of modern and contemporary art as well as indigenous and Afro-Brazilian arts, the book's editors explore the integration of sensorial and spiritual experience in Brazilian art - the union of body and soul.

Included are some 350 paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects, ranging from a monumental Baroque altarpiece to contemporary photographic works and installations. Throughout, the text reveals the deep cultural links between the different periods, tracing the indigenous, African, and European influences in Brazilian art from the Baroque era to the present.




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