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Dr. Dee Dee & Dexter Hyde
Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso

Dexter's Laboratory #3

It's hard for Dexter, boy genius, to get anything done when his silly sister Dee Dee is constantly distracting him from his pursuit of Science. So Dexter creates a potion that's guaranteed to free him from dull, everyday things like eating, sleeping, cleaning his room, and arguing with Dee Dee.

At first, everything goes great. Dexter is smarter than ever, and even Dee Dee's most pesky pranks don't bother him. But there's just one problem - the new, smarter Dexter has no idea that he's accidentally created a new, denser Dexter who keeps destroying his own precious laboratory.

0-439-43422-X, Scholastic, $3.99, Trade Paperback

Maubys Quest for the Magic Flower Peter Laurie
Peter Laurie

All is not well on our beautiful Caribbean island. One of the farmyard animals is very ill. Farmer Hunte fears the worst. But the other animals do not despair. They know who will come to the rescue. Mauby the Cat! Her dangerous quest is to seek a rare healing flower that only grows in a secret cave faraway in the mountains. But no living creature has yet to pass the ferocious monster that guards the entrance to the cave.

0-333-9513-4, MacMillan Caribbean, $12.95, Hardcover

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