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Discover Your Psychic Powers
By Tara Ward
ISBN 0-7858-1215-6
A practical guide to psychic development and spiritual growth, this book uses meditative and physical exercises to reveal how we can uncover our true potential.
5 1/2 x 8 1/4, 480 pages. $9.99

The History of Witchcraft & Demonology
By Montague Summers
ISBN 1-55521-806-7
This book is the definitive scholarly account on witchcraft, demonology, diabolic possession and modern spiritualism.
6 x 9, 384 pages. $9.99

The Magick of Folk Wisdom
By Patricia Telesco
ISBN 0-7858-1205-9

This is an ideal reference tool for magical practitioners or anyone interested in the superstitions and customs of our ancestors. It includes explanations of amulets, celestial objects, crystals, numerology, folk medicine, and more.

6 x 9, 354 pages. $9.99

The Power of Dreaming
By D. Jason Cooper
ISBN 0-7858-1195-8
Interpret the messages that your inner self sends you through dreams to harness subconscious power and revitalize your daily life.
6 x 9, 212 pages. $7.99

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