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New Age and Spirituality

Essential Jesus
John Dominic Crossan
ISBN 0-7858-0901-5
This concise presentation of the authentic teachings of Christ is accompanied by historical images of Jesus.  Crossan's fresh translations of Jesus' sayings show Him to be a teacher whose revolutionary message is as timely today as it was two thousand years ago.  B&W Illustrations.
5 x 8.  179 pages.  Originally $18.00.  $7.99  BUY

Essential Kabbalah
Daniel C. Matt
ISBN 0-7858-0870-1
The door to this ancient and mystical sect of Judaism is opened and its wisdom and philosophies are revealed through its writings and the clear interpretations of the author.
5 x 8.  221 pages.  Originally $18.00.  $7.99  BUY

Essential Koran
Translated & Presented by Thomas Cleary
ISBN 0-7858-0902-3
For too long the realities of Islam have been a mystery to the Christian West.  In this introductory selection of Islamic readings, the essence of the Koran is presented and explained in an accessible and illuminating manner.
5 x 8.  203 pages.  Originally $18.00.  $7.99  BUY

Essential Mystics
Edited by Andrew Harvey
ISBN 0-7858-0904-X
A brilliant introduction to the essential themes of the world's great mystic visionaries, this collection includes texts from Buddhist, Taoist, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Hopi and Aborigine traditions.
5 x 8.  236 pages.  Originally $20.00.  $7.99 BUY

Essential Rumi
Translations by Coleman Barks with John Moyne
ISBN 0-7858-0871-X
Ecstatic poems of renowned Sufi mystic and spiritual writer Jelalludin Rumi who lived in the thirteenth century.  Back in vogue after all these years, this new translation redefines these timeless poems.
5 x 8.  310 pages.  Originally $18.00.  $7.99  BUY


Essential Tao
Translated & Presented by Thomas Cleary
ISBN 0-7858-0905-8
An initiation into the heart of Taoism through the authentic Tao Te Ching and the inner teachings of Chuang Tzu.   Cleary's insightful translation of these two classic Chinese texts is further enhanced by his informative introduction and commentary.
5 x 8.  168 pages.  Originally $18.00.  $7.99  BUY

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