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A Peace of my Mind.  (I. Inspiration, II. Life and Love)
F. Shepbyrd
$12.00 / paperback
ISBN 097492812
Rhythm and Rhyme Publishing


  A Peace of my Mind. was written as a result of the life experiences that have touched F. Shepbyrd's life. The "Inspiration" side of the book speaks of Shepbyrd's spiritual beliefs, which will encourage and comfort readers during times of hardship and sadness. Her actual prayers will provide guidance and inspiration.  Literally on the flip side of the book, readers will identify with and share her emotions and thoughts reflected in "Life and Love." Themes include romantic and family love, heartbreak, betrayal, cultural concerns, and the resurrecting power of true love.


Two books in one! Enjoy these soulful reflections in poetry, based upon f. shepbyrd's real-life experiences, thoughts and emotions. You will be uplifted, motivated and comforted by the God-inspired poetry in "Inspiration." Also, be assured that f. shepbyrd will entertain and enlighten you as you share her expressions of love, sadness, anger, compassion and cultural concerns in the "Life and Love" side of this unique collection of original poetry. It is truly "poetry that will touch your soul."


F. Shepbyrd was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she began writing poetry and short stories at age 11. An avid reader, F. Shepbyrd strongly believes in the power of the written word and has become an advocate for literacy and learning. She is a graduate student at Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, where she is completing the Master's of Education Reading Education program, with a special emphasis on learning disabilities. F. Shepbyrd feels part of her life's mission is to help those whom others turn away or are not able to help, due to their special learning needs and/or shortcomings. Future goals include planning and developing a community literacy and learning center in the Nashville, Tennessee area, in which she resides, where she will work in the areas of adult basic education and career counseling, along with reading instruction, tutoring and mentoring. She is also excited about and looks forward to the completion and publication of her debut novel, A Name Without a Face.

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