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The 100 Best Colleges for African-American Students
Erlene B. Wilson



Plume Books

Non-Fiction/African American Studies

"Do you want a school where you are one of a handful of African-Americans, but have the opportunity for a great scholarship?  Do you prefer a primarily Black university known for its ability to educate the future leaders of this country?  Do you want a chance to have a semester in Africa, or do you wonder which schools recruit Black students most actively - and are most supportive of them after they are admitted?  As an African-American, you have all the same needs and concerns of any prospective college student - plus a few more.   This comprehensive, up-to-date guide - based on a nationwide survey - goes far beyond description of academic and career programs to give you a fair, objective picture of the benefits, the challenges, and the pitfalls for African-American students at each of the leading colleges it profiles.  You'll discover:

        Candid assessments of social environments

        Percentage of African-American students and faculty

        Scholarship and financial aid programs

        Race relations on and off campus

        Cultural and career opportunities

        Special programs, support services, and student organizations

        Prominent African-American graduates

        African-American fraternities and sororities

        And much, much more

Choosing a college will influence the course of the rest of your life.  This eye-opening and exciting guide can put you on the road to fulfillment and success."


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